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HBl Original Big Red Barn

HBL Big Red Barn & Farm

Customize this adorable little barn anyway you'd like. Red, yellow, green, doesn't matter.  Whatever your little one's heart desires. (roof with be a steal/metal grey)

Choose which animals you'd like to keep in your barn too!!

Finally, choose any farm related fleece you love to complete your set up with 3 potty pads to lay around your pop-up farm! 

ex: cows, chickens, cats, veggies, tractors, sheep, flowers, butterflies, puppies, horses etc

Measures 9"x 11"x8"

**Outside and inside fleece can be reversed if you'd prefer**


friendly cows.jpg

HBL Friendly Cow House

Dairy Cow is made with fleece, batting & uhual. 

Comes with one fitted fleece potty pad.


Highland Cow is made w/faux fur, fleece batting & uhual. 

Comes with one fitted fleece potty pad.


hobbit house.jpg

HBL Original Hobbit House
How would you landscape *your* hobbit house?
Choose style/colour of door, outdoor life, & double sided potty pad fleece prints
Made with foam, fleece, batting & uhual.
9"x 11" bottom  6.5" tall

HBL Original You've Got Mail-Box

HBL You've Got Mail Box

This HBL Original customizable Mail Box comes complete with letter (matching potty pad) sealed with love ❤️ & customized with your littles one’s name on the flag to ensure proper delivery;)

You choose the pattern, solid colour for inside/envelope & name for flag. 

Made with foam, fleece (or flannel) & uhual throughout the bottom & front flap.


HBL Yule Log

HBL Long Log Hideaway

Want to get your little one back to nature and feeling woodsy?  Try out this custom 'log home' and watch them play the day away!

15" long, 6.5" wide.  Made with foam, fleece & uhual.  Pad included


HBL Castle Tower

HBL Rapunzel Tower/Castle

Let you little princess or prince live is his or her very own wing of the castle in this adorable HBL Original 7" high Castle Tower Hide!

Comes w/matching fitted Potty Pad.

Curtains must be requested and are $5 extra.

8"-$28         11"-$38

Happy Camper 2.0.jpg

HBL Happy Camper
Your choice of any fleece pattern (or solid colour) and solid coloured fleece  for the inside of your custom camper.
Comes with 1 Matching Potty Pad
Made with foam, fle
ece, & uhual in bottom.
12" x 8" Bottom

Add a custom license plate to the back for only $5!!

HBL Snata/Elf Hat Hide

HBL Santa/Elf Hat

Your little one will love to wait for Santa and the elves in his or her very own HBL Santa or Elf Hat!!

Measures 11" bottom.  Made with fleece, batting & uhaul.

Potty pad included


gingerbread house 2.jpg

HBL GingerBread House

Help satisfy your friend's sweet tooth with this irresistible custom designed by you gingerbread house.

Measures 9x10x7".  Made with fleece, foam, batting & uhaul.

Comes with 1 reversible fitted potty pad.   


HBL Jack-o-Lantern

HBL Jack-o-Lantern House

You and your little one can design & carve your very own pumpkin to play trick or treat in all through Halloween!

Want 'scary' eyes, goofy teeth, or bottom teeth?  Let us know! 

Measures 10" bottom.  Made with fleece, foam & uhaul.


HBL Garden Pumpkin Hide

HBL Pumpkin Patch Hide

Your little one gets to pick their very own fleece pumpkin!!

Made with fleece, batting & uhaul materials

11" bottom


witch hat_edited.png

HBL Witch's Hat Hide

You and your little one can design your very own witch's hat to hide the day away in practicing magic.

Want purple ribbon or stars, black or orange, buckle? Let us know! 

Measures 11" inside bottom/14" brim size

 Made with fleece, batting & uhaul.


HBL Spider Web

Black Widow Web Sack

If you and your little friends aren't afraid of spiders... then this sack is for you!!  This not-so-deadly afterall Black Widow Spider Sack will be keeping your friend snuggly warm no matter the season;)

Made with fleece & a thin layer of batting

Measures 15"x 18" Hexagon


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