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Please notify us via any of the choices below (email, IG, FB) with your desired product, size, quantity and material choice. We will also be in need of the name, full shipping address &  phone number

(courier purposes only) to where the package shall be shipped to.  

An invoice will be created for you and sent in the same manner in which your inquiry was received. We happily accept payment thru e-transfer, free of charge, or thru Paypal/Credit Card with a small 4% fee. We also offer pay-as-you-go options, however your order will not be placed in sequence until full payment is received. 

PLEASE NOTE: Orders Typically Take 3-3.5 Weeks to be Made as They are Made in Order From When Full Payment is Received, NOT How Big or Small the Order is.


We ship anywhere in Canada and the United States of America (& worldwide if need be) through a variety of couriers giving the best price and quickest timeline. Shipping rates are based on size & distance of box needed for your order

Starts @ $11.50 (within Canada)

An accurate estimate can be given ahead of time with just a postal or zip code.

You will receive photos of your order once completed along with the tracking number

once the shipping label is created and printed.

Curbside pick-up orders are ALWAYS an option by appointment only.

PLEASE READ: While shipments come with $100 insurance included in pricing, we suggest upgrading when necessary to cover the full cost of replacement if package is lost in transit from the courier. If such an occasion occurs, a claim must be submitted through the courier themselves. HBL CANNOT and WILL NOT be held responsible for replacement costs.  Claims are subject to courier approval as well, and HBL will not replace any items if claim is denied from courier. Another order must be placed and paid for in full.


Return Policy

VERY IMPORTANT: All orders are final sale due to the nature of the products as they are custom ​made for you.

No refunds, exchanges or returns once items have been started.

HoneyBeeLane accepts no responsibility for any injuries to pets due to customer negligence or use of our custom made products. We further guarantee that at time of shipment all items are in perfect working order and free from HBL defects and pass our 'inspection' standards.

It is also suggested that daily spot cleaning be done and weekly bedding changes in all small animal cages as well as daily visual checks of exercise wheels (nuts & bolts loosened) and foam items to prevent any injuries, choking or illnesses from occurring.

Our Products

All of our items are 100% hand-crafted in Canada from either US or Canadian sourced products.

All fabric items are made with either 100% polyester fleece, or 100% cotton/flannel as well as an absorbent, uhaul or Zorb material for the middle when needed/applicable or 100% polyester fill/batting.

All fabric is washed, dried & wicked BEFORE being made to help prevent further shrinkage or colour bleeding.

Exercise wheels must be checked daily for any hardware issues such as rust, cracks or loose nuts/bolts.

Washing & Care Instructions:

    HBL Snuggle Sacks & Scarves: For the best clean, pull inside lining/pocket out and shake any excess waste into garbage. Machine wash with cold H20. Tumble dry ‘air’ only or lay flat to dry.

    HBL Cage Liners: Shake excess waste off liner. Machine wash cold (not with your personal laundry). An extra rinse cycle may be warranted if it has been soaked through with urine as well as adding 1 tbls white vinegar. Tumble dry no heat, or lay flat to air dry* May need to be re-shaped/stretched due to the nature of the inner material. (like a sweater might need be)

    HBL Items Containing Foam: While washing machine safe, we recommend gentle cycles, or simply soaking in soapy water over night making sure to thoroughly rinse soap out afterwards.  **AIR DRY ONLY!**

    HBL Teepee/Tent: Remove the 4 wooden dowel rods and ‘tie’ from tent before washing.  Wash as a liner.

    HBL Rubber Snuffle Mat: Hand wash with warm soapy water or soak overnight. Thoroughly rinse. Air dry only*.

    All Other HBL Fleece Products: Machine wash cold. Air dry is best*. 

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