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Zippered Snuggle Scarves
flap scarf.jpg

HBL Snuggle Scarf

These amazing scarves offer a super soft and comfortable way to bond with your little friend.  Choose either a  FLANNEL or FLEECE material for you, and a solid coloured fleece pocket for them.  

PLEASE NOTE:  if you are over 5'4" tall, we recommend purchasing at least a 42" scarf.

The small  is meant more for a child  as it is shorter around the neck.  

Small-$25.00 (30" around, 9" zipper

Med- $28.00 (36" around, 9" zipper) Flap:$31

Large- $29.50 (42" around, 9" zipper) Flap:$33

LargeX-$31.50-$33 (42" around 12" -14" zipper) Flap:$35

Grande- $33.50-$35 (48" around 12"-14" zipper) Flap:$37.50

Cross Body- $35-$37 (58" around,  12"-14" zipper) Flap:$40

Bonding Bags

HBL Cross Body Bonding Bag  (53")

Single:  Measures approximately 10" deep x  11"wide   $27/30

Queen:  Measures approximately 10" deep x  13" wide  $28/31

King:  Measures approximately 10" deep x 15" wide     $30

Flannel Pattern Outside, Fleece solid colour inside

3-4 silver grommets for ventilation/peep holes

Adjustable 50" nylon straps: choice of colours: Pink, Black, Silver, Grey, Navy Blue, Dark Brown, Tan, or Khaki  

Add-on: 6"x 6" Pocket $3.50

Single: $27.00 w/o zipper             $30.00 w/9" zipper

Queen: $28.00 w/o zipper          $31.00 w/12" zipper

King: $30.00 **w/o zipper only** (guinea pig size)

Cross Body Carrier

HBL Cross Body Carrier  

 Measures approximately 14"L x 4.5"W x 10"H 

Large, full length front pocket. 

The strap is NOT adjustable.  You must determine the length desired.


 4'- 4'." = 30"-35"       4'5"- 5' = 35-38" strap    5'- 5'5" = 40-45"strap   

5'6"-6' = 45-50" strap 

Flannel or Fleece Pattern Outside, Fleece Solid Colour Inside


w/o zipper: $33.00   w/zipper & grommets: $38.00

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