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Sushi/Sashimi Hide

HBL 10" Sushi/Sashimi special

Let your little ones safely enjoy some delicious sushi & sashimi in this foam sushi roll hide and cozy sashimi pillows with a side of soy sauce pottypad.  Watch out though, that wasabi sauce is spicey!!!!


Pizza SLice  Hide

HBL Large Pepperoni Pizza Slice

Let your littles hide away in their own custom flavoured pizza slice.  

Let your pets choose their favourite ingredients!

Includes Fitted Pad

Made with Fleece, Foam, Batting & Uhual.


Avocado Snuggle Bed

HBL Stuffed Avocado Bed

The perfect way for your littles to have a "healthy" nap

Measures 13"x 15" 

Made with Fleece, Polyfil & Uhual


S'mores Hide

HBL 10" Summer S'mores Set

Let your little ones enjoy all the yummy, gooey deliciousness of their very own S'mores Hide without all the stickiness.  The campfire will be ever so perfect for roasting with the mini log and warm fire pillows to enjoy as well.  Complete with an extra touch of a 'chocolate' potty pad.


Dripping HoneyBee Jar Home

HBL 10" Honey Jar House

For all those little "Pooh Bears" in our lives ;)

Comes with 1- Reversible Fitted/Matching Potty Pad

Made with Fleece/Foam & Uhual 


bread hide 2_edited.jpg

HBL Bread & Butter House

How would you like your slice of bread/toast done?

Buttered, Jam, Peanut Butter & Jam?  Let us know! 


Waffle Bowl

HBL Ice Cream Waffle Bowl

11" Waffle Bowl with your choice of 5- 4" round 'scoops' of ice cream flavours and 1 waffle stick.​​


taco sacks.jpg

HBL Taco Time Snuggle Sack

Just like a snuggle sac, but Taco Tuesday 'flavoured'

(these do not have a flat bottom to 'stand up' like in the photo, it will lay flat like a typical snuggle sack)

Normal 17"x 10": $20.00

Stand-n-Stuff 19"x 13": $25.00

Lattice Pie Bed

HBL Homemade Lattice-top Pie

11" Covered Pie Bed

Your choice of pie 'flavour' for inside

ie: Cherry/Strawberry/Rubarb Pie= Red, Blueberry Pie= Blue or Purple, Apple Pie=Green/White, 

Lemon Meringue=Yellow, Peach Pie= Peach, Pumpkin Pie= Orange

Made with Fleece, Batting & Uhual


Jelly jar_edited.jpg

HBL Jelly/Jam Jar Hide

This homemade Jelly/Jam Jar hide will sure to please any respectable lil'

baker in your household!

Perfect size for one, or two smaller friends to taste test.

Measures 8" bottom, 7" high

Made with foam, fleece, uhual & batting

Choose your jam!!  Strawberry, Blueberry, or Lemon


Waffle Cone Mat

HBL Waffle Cone Fluff Bed

Measures approx 24"x21" at widest points 

Your choice of three ice cream 'flavours' on top

Has a thin layer of batting and uhual in middle


waffle bed_edited.png

HBL 14" Waffle Bed

14" Round Waffle w/Butter & Maple Syrup on top

$20/ea Batting Middle Bed

 $20/ea Absorbent Middle Mat

$22/ea Snuggle Sack Version

Short Stack Pancakes

HBL Short Stack Pancakes

Measures approx 18"x14" 

$20/ea Batting Middle Bed

 $20/ea Absorbent Middle Mat

$22/ea Snuggle Sack Version

Sunny-side Up Egg Snuggle Sack

HBL Sunny-Side Up Bed

Measures approx 18"x13" @ widest points

$20/ea Batting Middle Bed

 $20/ea Absorbent Middle Mat

$22/ea Snuggle Sack Version

Candy Corn Hide

HBL Candy Corn & Pad

Give in safely to your friend's sweet tooth craving this Halloween with their very own Candy Corn Hide & Pad Combo!

10" bottom.  Made with fleece, batting & uhual material


veggies 2.0.jpg

HBL Healthy Veggie Play Pads

These home-grown veggies will brighten up any play pen for your critter.

Soft and comfy for naps or play areas, or absorbent for cute & fun potty pads

Made with 2 layers of fleece and batting or uhaul middle

Choose either carrot, lettuce or beefsteak tomato!

$20/ea Batting Middle Bed

 $20/ea Absorbent Middle Mat

$22/ea Snuggle Sack Version

Veggie Snuffle Mats

HBL Carrot Snuffle Mat: $28

Large Carrot Shaped Mat Full of Snuffles

Measures 24"x 13" from end to end and widest across

Banana Boat Hammock

HBL Banana Boat Hammock: $32

3 Openings: Middle & Each End for Easy Access/Escape

Measures 24"x ≈ 8" from end to end

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