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candy corn tunnel_edited.jpg


HBL Tri-pod Tunnel

Made with 2 layers of fleece with batting @ ends.


All Tripod Tunnels are made with concealed seams, and double reinforced ends with batting to help stay open better.  

Great for Chinchillas!

Main portion measures 18" long 6" wide.  Openings are 6"

Middle tunnel measures 9"x 6" w/ 6" opening at the end

Outside layer is your choice of any patterned Fleece Pattern or Solid Colour.  

Inside is your choice of any Solid Fleece Colour



Fleece Snuggle Sack


HBL Snuggle Sack


All Snuggle Sacks Measure approx. 12"x 13"

Outside layer is your choice of a patterned Fleece or Flannel.  

Inside is a solid coloured fleece material of your choice

Double Fleece: $18    w/Batting Layer: $23     w/ Uhaul: $23

Flannel & Fleece: $15    w/Batting Layer: $20    w/ Uhaul: $20

Embroidery: $5 addon

bath sack.webp


HBL Bathtime Sack

All Bath Time Snuggle Sacks have an inside of 100% cotton terry cloth, great for snuggling and drying after bath time, making bath time fun! 

Outside layer is your choice of a patterned Fleece or Flannel.  

Inside is a solid best available matching coloured terry cloth material available at the time purchase

Bathtime Sacks: $20

Embroidery $5 addon

batted tunnel_edited.jpg


HBL Batted Tunnel

 Normal measures approx: 12" long w/diameter of 7"

Mini: approx: 8" long w/diameter of 5.75"

Made with one FLEECE pattern and solid fleece colour for inside, plus thick batting throughout  

Normal: $24.00        Mini: $19.00



HBL Teepee/Tent

Petite: Has a 10"x 10" base
Grande: Has a 11.5"x 11.5" base

Comes with 1 matching peepad & 4 dowel rods
Choice of a standard 4 3/8" circle entrance or semi-circle
Your choice of fleece or flannel pattern outside, solid colour fleece inside.

Please note how you would like the 'sleeves' for the dowel rods. i.e: matching pattern, solid colour, different colours etc. as well as shape of entrance.
Circle entrance is default.

Petite: $30.00 Grande: $35.00

corner canopy.webp

HBL Corner Canopy

TheCorner Canopy is perfect for an extra little space for your friend to hide away from the hustle and bustle of life for a little while. Fits perfectly in the corner of any cage.  

$15-(Corner) Flannel Top/Front Fleece Fringe

$18-(Corner) Fleece Top/Front Fleece Fringe

$20-(Full 14"x 14") Flannel Top/Fleece Fringe (2 sides of  fringe)

$22- (Full 14"x 14") Fleece Top/Fleece Fringe (2 sides of fringe)

Embroidery $5 addon

Your choice of 1 patterned fleece or flannel, and coloured fleece fringe

Want more fringe?  1st extra layer $3.00, 2nd is only $2.00

taco hide.webp


HBL Taco Tunnel

Your choice of any fleece pattern and solid coloured fleece for inside.
Made with fleece, batting & has an absorbe
nt & padded bottom



burrow bed.webp


HBL Burrow Bed/Blankie

*Made with two layers of fleece, if without batting. 

*Made with three layers of fleece if batting is chosen for the bottom layer.

Can be made to any shape &/or size desired. 

Please inquire for prices, however these are starting points:

$22- w/o batting

$28.00- w/ batting

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