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HBL Hidey Hut Package


Hidey Hut Measures 9.5"x 9.5"x 6"

This price includes the entire pvc framework and comes with one reversible flannel cover with customizable front.

Your choice of two Flannel patterns &/or solid colours, and how you'd like your front to look.  ie: Fleece Fringe, Circle, Castle, Flap, Square, Curtain etc.

Additional Reversible Flannel Covers: $20 each (2 patterns/colours)

Kaytee Igloo & Living World Dome Covers

Kaytee Igloo or Living World Dome Covers

Your choice of one FLANNEL pattern, and solid colour flannel

Can be customized to whatever look you'd like. 

 (i.e colour on top, pattern along sides)


Two Patterns Chosen is $5 Extra per size  


Large 'Kaytee' Igloo : $20     Giant Igloo Cover (shown): $25

Medium 'Living World' Dome: $20       Large Dome: $25

Barn Style Plastic Hide: $15

HBL Wheel Covers

HBL  Bucket Wheel Cover for MOST makes/models


Why purchase a wheel cover? 

Reason 1: Easy clean-up. No more trying to scrap off, or soak a messy wheel without getting water damage to the screws/bolts/bearings used.

Reason 2: They provide super soft running area for your friend, for those oh so sensitive little feet.

Reason 3: Provides traction and can make it easier to the young ones, or older fellas to run their fastest.

Reason 4: They quite possibly could help with litter training, as they see the wheel as part of the cage liners, and will do 'their business' elsewhere.

Reason 5: While our HBL wheels are nice and quiet in their own right, these fleecy covers help to make running extra silent during the night.

Reason 6: Sometimes we just don't like the look or colour of the wheel and want something different, or to match a theme.


Reason 7: THEY ARE SUPER CUTE!! :)  

These wheel covers are custom made to fit any three of our in-house wheels, as well as the 'Kaytee 12" COMFORT wheel', or 'All Living Things' (we cannot offer a cover for the silent spinner)

Please specify which style and size is needed. 

Your choice of a FLANNEL or FLEECE PATTERN  for the back ground (as pictured) and a solid coloured FLEECE runner.

Standard (or Carolina Storm) & Turbo size are:

$18 (flannel print) & $20 (fleece print)

Giant 12" are $21 (flannel print) $23 (fleece print)

snuggle heat pad covers

HBL 9" SnuggleSafe Heat Pad Covers

Made with your choice of fleece solid colour or print.

Top is lined for better protection and warmth


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